Purchasing Programs and Contract Management

ARO Enterprise connects our clients with thousands of our partners in order to provide many of the most competitive contracts available. This allows us to give our clients access to numerous options for almost every purchasing need from the leading suppliers across the country. Our partnerships forge a connection to over $100 billion in annual purchase power, and ensure that ARO Enterprise clients can feel secure in the knowledge that you are able to benefit from many of the best program advantages in the industry. 

Our clients enjoy access to our full contract portfolio that includes what you need to implement strong operational cost controls for everything from food and beverage supplies and paper products to housekeeping supplies and chemicals, linen services, furniture and electronics, office supplies and IT solutions, and more. In addition, our clients are never required to utilize these contract opportunities under any obligations, so you are better able to customize your individual needs to the areas of our program that fit you best and allow you to reduce overall spending and maximize profit. 

ARO Enterprise
ARO Enterprise

Operational Consulting

For over 25 years, ARO Enterprise has provided operational consulting services for Hotels and Resorts, Country Clubs, Golf Courses, Casinos, and Entertainment Venues. Our experience has taught us that each client is unique and has distinct individual requirements, and we pride ourselves in establishing client and industry relationships that go beyond the typical contract management companies. 

In addition to our world-class purchasing programs and contract management, we also offer our clients a variety of more personalized programs. ARO Enterprise consultants work one-on-one with you to provide a high-level overview by analyzing all of your operational costs or, if you prefer, a more customized look at any specific areas of opportunity at any time. By analyzing your operations, we can identify areas for improvement and implement effective strategies. We work closely with our clients to continuously strive towards cost reductions and establish connections to the best purchasing options tailored to your unique needs. 

ARO Enterprise staff is always available to our clients as needed for any projects that may require a review of contract bids, price comparisons, short or long-term spend tracking and analysis, large capital spending, or any other projects that may require additional attention at any time.

F&B Consulting 

ARO Enterprise is well known for our strategic F&B program customized to meet goals, reduce spend, streamline procedures, and maximize profit for Food and Beverage Operations. Our long-standing experience allows us to guide clients through all aspects and challenges associated with running a successful F&B operation. We work closely with you to quickly formulate direct action plans and successfully implement changes to drastically reduce food costs and maximize profitability. In addition to a wholistic cost reduction plan, we also provide services to assist your F&B team with ongoing projects such as menu engineering, recipe specifications and cost controls, POS audits, and procedural controls. 

Our F&B Consulting clients are also given the opportunity to reach beyond immediate action plans, and have access to a dedicated team that works closely with contracted suppliers in order to provide monthly data reporting and recommendations that allow you to successfully track ongoing costs and begin implementing a more controlled focus to purchasing. This allows your F&B operation to continue to meet and achieve goals over the long term while consistently reducing costs and increasing profitability.

ARO Enterprise
ARO Enterprise

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